Is your library’s catalog no longer unified, standardized, and does it present content that is out-of-date?

Do you need to create and improve a large number of MARC records from scratch?


Introducing BestMARC data services

Improve your resource discovery and circulation through the best in metadata management!

Your catalog is your most valuable asset!

Let our team of experts do the heavy lifting! When it comes to metadata management, we offer the best custom MARC data services based on your availability, budget, and needs.

Get to know our Services:

With the Diagnostic Report it is possible to know:

  • Collection size and Holdings by location
  • Collection Types statuses
  • Call Number prefix consistency
  • RDA/AACR2 Cataloging Standards
  • Technical and syntax errors
  • Incomplete records summary
  • Duplicate records summary

MARC database management including support for:

  • Customized MARC record updates
  • Customized new record creation
  • Brief-to-full MARC record conversion
  • Custom global editing, advanced workflows, records templates, list generation, label creation and more
  • MARC subject reading updates
  • MARC record sharing within institution accounts

MARC Data Clean-Up Services:

  • MARC Record Repair – fix punctuation and syntax errors, invalid indicators, etc.
  • Conversion from AACR2 to RDA record format
  • Call Number prefix standardization
  • Duplicate record removal (a Custom Service)
  • Summaries of record updates

Know BestMARC

a state-of-the-art tool in metadata standardization and management, for any information unit that wants to diagnose, update, normalize and structure its MARC21 bibliographic records to RDA (Resources, Description and Access) or AACR2 standards.

Improve your resource discovery and circulation

Benefits and features

  • Complete management of cloud-based MARC records.
  • IMPROVE your data discovery through proper metadata management.
  • CREATE, search or catalog records from scratch quickly.
  • EDIT – Fix bugs, perform global edits and improvements, and automate into workflows.
  • DEVELOP – global edits, automated solutions and templates
  • MAINTAIN “forever” standards ­­and database integrity and security – within all import and export routines.

FREE Database Diagnostic Report

With our diagnostic report, we help you discover flaws and other problems that may have been overlooked in the past in your library's bibliographic records.

With accurate and updated metadata get better visibility and expand the value of your library's collection.

Holdings Price
Up to 25.000
$725,00 USD
BestMARC Center
Process Steps:
  • Request a diagnosis of your data and our team will contact you.
  • The MARC diagnosis will be sent to you within the next 3 days.
  • To access organized and standardized records, you must purchase the service by credit card or bank transfer.
  • The analyzed MARC file will be sent in approximately 3 weeks.
  • Joint review with the BestMARC team.
Terms and conditions apply:
  • Service valid up to 3 blocks of 25,000 records.
  • For more than 75,000 records, it is necessary to schedule an appointment for more information.
  • BestMARC Center purchases can be credited for an unlimited subscription.
  • Notification emails will be sent informing the progress of the process.

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With the diagnostic report completed, we will schedule an appointment with you so that we can answer your questions and make recommendations that meet your needs. Allowed file type format mrc