ITMS GROUP is the largest resource provider for scientific research in all Latin America and a leader in the implementation and start-up of technological services, with its service portfolio

Within the service portfolio, BestMARC is an innovative service for standardization and management of bibliographic data metadata, and as an information security standard, we guarantee and understand that the information of our clients is an asset of each Institution. As an asset, it must be protected against unauthorized or improper use. ITMS Group Inc., through this contract, undertakes to support the information, to carry out an analysis and diagnosis of the bibliographic database, the following statements:

  • Use the institution’s information for the sole purpose of providing an initial analysis of the process.
  • That the information belongs exclusively to the institution, and that any unauthorized disclosure is the sole responsibility of ITMS Group Inc.
  • That this agreement is important for the protection of information and that the content received is of a personal nature.
  • That this agreement will not be disclosed under any circumstances and treated under ethical and professional criteria.

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